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Hi, I am Melani's oldest sister Miya. I moved to Osage County, home about a year ago. I used to dream about moving here since I was a little girl listening to my Grandma Blanches stories about Oklahoma. So, here I am on the rez....Well, I live in Pawhuska very close to the Osage campus. I am finding that I am getting more involved with issues that are very important to our future. I have lived through more than the average person my age...natural disasters, death of a grandaughter, joys of raising children and seeing them raise the next generation and of course surviving stage 4 non-hodgkins lymphoma for 14 years now! I am alive to serve a purpose, I think I came home to Oklahoma because this is where I need to be to do it...I am divorced but adjusting to my new life with anticipation for a better future. It has been wonderful to learn our Osage ways here. You really cannot understand our People until you have lived here. I hope more Osages come home, like my children and grandchildren of course!

Osage Shareholders Association announces new website

Calling All Osages!!!  The Osage Shareholders Association, Pawhuska, Oklahoma announces the new Official and Authorized website is now Live!  Please visit for the latest information concerning Mineral Estate Trust issues and concerns of the Osage people.  The Association was formed in 1994 for the purpose of monitoring the trust and educate shareholders of the events…

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