For those of you that weren’t able to attend our meeting on Saturday you missed out! The Osage Language Seminar given by the Osage Language Program was informative and interesting. Representing the department were Herman Mongrain Lookout, the program director, Talee Redcorn, program teacher and data collector, and John Maker, the Hominy language site coordinator. The day began with Mogri presenting a historical description of the language and the plan for its revitalization. A video was shown of a proprosed Language Institute and included the staff of the language program and their thoughts about the program. Talee talked about the effort to keep and store language information, showing various screenshots of a database being used. Mogri talked about developing the orthography and how it is still evolving. John Maker told a very funny story about his first year in college while in the dorms but you’ll have to ask him to tell it if you want to hear it! Finally, he went through the orthography and the sounds of the different symbols. We practiced our pronunciation of the different sounds by going through several lessons in the workbook they provided. The day was concluded with a prayer in Osage delivered by Mogri. I don’t know what he said but it sure sounded wonderful!