Attendees of the Osage gathering in Santa Rosa After many months of planning an Osage gathering, a group finally met at the California Indian Museum in Santa Rosa on September 8, 2007. It was an opportunity to get acquainted and begin to discuss future gatherings.

Minutes of 9/8/2007 Meeting of Northern California Osage:

Osages from both NCOA and Osage Friends met at the California Indian Museum and decided to form a new organization called Northern California Osages. Annual dues were set at $25.00 per family.

Chuck Maker was selected as the interim President and Karen Elliott as the interim Treasurer. Officers will be voted on at the next meeting, tentatively to be in July 2008.

Meeting locations were discussed and Barbara Kessel said that she possibly could find a free location for our next meeting. She expressed a desire to help plan our next meeting. The Marani family offered to help with the next meeting, including finding a location for the meeting. Their son, Jordan, will work on communication.

Melani King offered to be our webmaster and will set up a website for NCO with a blog for information and comments. Once the website is operative, she will send an email with a link to the website and solicit information for planning our next meeting.

Patty and Manda Mello will handle the drawing at the next meeting.

A suggestion was made that we look for a Pendelton blanket with the Osage symbol on it.
Fundraising: it was suggested that we have 50-50 drawing, with 50% of the money going to the winner and the remainder to NCO.

N.I.J.C. – California Indian Museum. Talk to Sherry if we decide we want to have a meeting there. She will be able to get a lower price than if we went directly

As a follow up on trying to get another meeting scheduled, Melani King, Jim Norris, Karen Elliot, and Chuck Maker met on April 17 to discuss possibilities. Stay tuned.