July 26 meeting follow-up

July 28, 2008 0 By osage

Group of attendees from meeting
A small but interested group of us met on Saturday at the Pt. Richmond Community Center. (There were a few more attendees than shown in the picture.) Cora Jean Jech of Pawhuska, Oklahoma gave an impassioned talk about current events with the Mineral’s Council, the Congress, the Executive branch, and other items of interest which prompted some lively discussion.

Minutes from the first part of the meeting.

RE: Temporary Officers
The current temporary officers was approved by consensus. The topic will be revisited at the next meeting.

RE: Next meeting date / location
The Point Richmond Community Center was approved by consensus for the location of our next meeting. The date was set for October 18th, from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm and also approved by consensus. (Pending availability)

RE: Mailout for next meeting
It was decided by consensus that the next mailout would be compiled by a team consisting of Liz, Chuck, Duane and Jim. Duane volunteered his copy machine to make the needed copies. Melani and Jim will work on the mailout and it may include a questionnaire to find out what members would like to see at future meetings (traditional arts, language, music, I’lonska information, political speakers etc. and topics)

RE: Dues
Cora Jean stated that $25 may be too small for people and in the future we could ask for more $30-50 even. No decision was made, it was merely brought forward.